Spring operated boom deployment

Research initiated - 2nd Jan 2009
                                       After graduation Completed / Patented - 2009/2010

Actual research time - 5 months 3 days

Financial status - IIG(Indian Institute of Geomagnetism), ISRO(Indian Space Research Organisation) pending stage

Current status - Submitted ISRO and IIG

Guidance-Help - Dr. Rajeev Joshi. Dr. Sangram Pilare,Mr.Mandar shinde                                 Mr.Sameer Qazi & Sheetal Tupe Jadhav

Learned -You must be always on with your thought process

Futuristic plan -
1)Wanted to use for master program project topic.
2) Wanted to launch through NASA and other space agencies.
3)Wanted to use for military applications.

More Info -http://brainchamber.net/old/mission-sb2-1.php