System of Energy Storage and Distribution by Using Electric Double Layered Capacitor for Commercial Purpose (Brain Chamber Energy bank system)

Research initiated - Mid of 2008
                                       After graduation

Completed/Patent - 2007-08
                                       during 2nd year of graduation

Actual research time - 1.5 Months

Financial status - Stopped purposefully

Current status - About to send proposal for Dept. of Science and Technology, govt of India

Guidance-Help - Dr. Rajeev S. Joshi(CEO),Sheetal Tupe Jadhav

Learned - To carry a big research money never matters. Give 10% chance and time for carrying accidental activities.

Futuristic plan - We want to transport 120Mwh energy through trucks and other transportation media with 98% efficiency and can be stored for 6days. So if suppose we need emergency power for whole city for 10 min, we can able to give. It will act as like emergency battery backup for whole city. So indirectly we never require individual battery backup devices. This will save energy