My Companies

During my final year of Graduation- 2007, age 23, I have registered my first company with my mother. The very first investment was just $500. I have started this for the sake of all living beings, and everything is happening automatically. I am here only because some good people have always supported me. Please come together and join hands. If you want to join us - mail me at

Today, the total net worth of the company is 3.5 million USD. We have strong IP's with us.

1)   Brain Chamber Research and Development Pvt. Ltd.

2)   Brain Chamber Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

3)   Brain Chamber Auto Tri stand Pvt. Ltd.

4)  Brain Chamber Kakrika Pvt. Ltd.
Today it's an International Brand


5)  Fingerwand Technology - Software Based Research

       video -

6)  Miss Call Money System

7)  Brain Chamber Polymers Pvt. Ltd.

8)  School Chartered

9)  SUVA UDAY Education Project

10)  Distance Agriculture