Bio Diagnostic Camera

      Based on "Uday-Bio Electron Shift"


The Bio Diagnostic Camera result of thought where it will add new dimension's in Medical diagnosis and life science. Bio Diagnostic Camera not only make's diagnosis test simple but also speed up the diagnosis process and one device can be utilized for multipurpose diagnosis test with affordable cost.
Example: HIV diagnosis, blood group diagnosis, saliva diagnosis etc.
For demonstrating the capability of device, initially it is intended for diagnosis of HIV disease from given blood sample.

Diagnostic camera technology

The said device works on the Phenomenon of the "Uday - Bio Electron Shift". We observed that during electron spin the uplift force of body along with its charge particle consumes the RF/IR frequencies transmitted by device. Such state of blood sample is captured by the camera then captured data is processed by image processing algorithm to apply pattern matching techniques. At this stage I am thinking that how to cure HIV by using some electromagnetic frequency, which is next stage to this device.


Actual Working

Product Portfolio