Electro-Mechanical Researech

Energy converter device (U charge shoes)

Oxygen generating device(Electro Mechanical Fish Gills)

Automotive Research

Clutch Less Manual Drive Engine-1(Slant Engine)

                 video Prototype

Material application based research

System of Energy Storage and Distribution by Using Electric Double Layered Capacitor for Commercial Purpose (Brain Chamber Energy bank system)

Software Based Research (commercial research of Brainchamber)

Data Transferring System(kakrika system)

                 video Prototype

Material Science Research

Engine Power Starter with Outsourcing Device(Brain Chamber Booster System)

Space propulsion Research

SUVA-UDAY Balloon Principle

Space Deployment (Recommended by Indian Space Research Organization, ISRO)

DC operated boom deployment(DC operated satellite boom deployment mechanism)

                 video Prototype

Spring operated boom deployment

                 video Prototype

Tubular section boom (Brain Chamber tubular section boom deployment mechanism)

                 video Prototype

Computer Science

Mouse operated multiple copy and cut system 2910/MUM/2012

                 video Prototype

HIV Microbiology

HIV research-I want to remove -ve charge on HIV RNA by electromagnetic frequency- HIV RNA Mathematics

alt : test.pdf