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Uday Ghatge

स्थानभ्रष्टा न शोभन्ते दन्ता: केशा नखा: नरा: ।
इति विज्ञाय मतिमान्स्वस्थानं न परित्यजेत्

First line - Teeth, hairs and nails enhances our beauty. But who wants to see teeth on forehead, hairs on legs and nails on arm? Somethings look good where they ought to be. Not every change is good. Hence displaced, they are disgraced. Hairs, nails and teeth are performing their duties of maintaining same place on our body without any displace.

Second line - In a similar way we should know who we are, what we stand for, what we are suitable for in the social role, and do justice to that role, at that place. Displaced from our duties, we fall and no one likes one who doesn't fulfill his or her duties.

MORAL - As like nails, hairs and teeth the wise people don't look good when they keep on changing their places one after other for any need. So trust on your place/position and try to maintain it strongly till end.