Family Background

My maternal great grandfather( Dnyanu Rawu Jadhav ) was a Major General in Netaji’s Azad Hind Fouj . He was a researcher as well as a freedom fighter.

My grandmother ( Indubai ) born at Pakistan during first world war (in 1942 at Peshawar). Situation at Pakistan was very critical so we returned to India (Takali, Dist-.Kolhapur,State Maharashtra).

My maternal grandfather (Sitaram Patil) was a history teacher and a freedom fighter. He and his colleagues worked with Barrister Nath Pai (actual writer of The Indian Constitution).

His Grandfather was a businessman at Nipani (district Belgaum) from 1840- 1892. By profession he was a cloth merchant but a stubborn cultured person also . During those days (1890) the net worth of his business was INR 32,00,000. The credibility of family was so valued that people prefer to keep their valuables in our house. I have been groomed under this culture which made me to understand the culture of deliverance without getting into cult.

From father side - We are among The Royal families of Chatrapati Shahu Maharaj (Previously he was Yashwantrao Ghatge and at the age of 12 years he was adopted by Anandibai then queen of Shivaji IV, the king of Kolhapur Princely State -descendants of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj). We were having 550 acre land at Pandharpur which we have donated to needful farmers in 1910.

We have faced lots of challenges in our life due to our strong inclination towards deliverance of life to society. I proudly carry and always give my best to maintain and enhance accountability towards betterment of society through each and every activity done by me.

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